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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Dream

This tutorial was written on 06/30/2013, By Kelli.
Please don't copy it or claim it as your own or post it through any group.
You may link back to my blog.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is strictly coincidental.
It is written assuming you have a basic knowledge of psp and its tools.
It is written using psp X5 but should work in any other version.
  You will need the scrap kit Aiden, By PolkaDot Scraps
You can get it here. 
You can check out her blog Here.
You will need a tube of choice. I am using a tube  by Ishmael Rac.
You need to purchase this tube to use it.
You can buy it here
You will also need a font of choice.
  And you need a mask of choice.
Muras Miester Copies  
Ok Ready?
 Open a new image 600x600 transparent.
Select all and open paper # 9.Paste it into selection.Select none.
Load your mask,Merge group. Apply a drop shadow of choice.
Open the swirl. Copy and paste it as a new layer. Re-size it by 50%.
Add a drop shadow.
Open frame #3. Copy and paste it as a new layer. Re-size it by 75%. Grab your magic wand and click inside the frame. Expand the selection by 5.
  Add a new layer. And paste paper # 7 into the selection.
Drag it below the frame layer.
Copy and paste a tube of choice into selection. Select none
Duplicate it and change the blend mode on the duplicate 
to screen mode.
 Paste the sparkle #1 on top of the tube layer.
Reduce the opacity to 50.
 Add frame # 5 as a new layer. Re-size it by 75%. Add a drop shadow of choice.Repeat this step with frame # 1.
Add the paper flower and re-size it by 75%. Re-size again if desired. Sharpen and add your shadow.
 Add the love word art. Re-size it as desired. Add your favorite text effects, I did an inner bevel  and a drop shadow.
 Add the dream word art and re-size it as needed.
 Add Leaves #2 re-size them by 50% 
Duplicate and flip the duplicate. Re-size the duplicate again by 75% 
Sharpen and add a drop shadow.
 Add flower #3. Re-size sharpen and shadow.
Duplicate it and re-size the duplicate by 85%. Duplicate the duplicate again and re-size the duplicate again by 85%. Sharpen the duplicated flowers and add a shadow of choice. 
Repeat with flower #4. When your cluster is as how you like it.
Merge the flowers and leaves together.
 Add the pebble as a new layer. Re-size it to a small size.
Use MM copies with your choice of settings. Sharpen and add a drop shadow.
 Add ribbon tag #2 as a new layer and re-size it and sharpen it, Add a shadow.
 Add your tube again and your copywright.
Add your name in a font of choice.
Add your favorite text effects.
And now your done!
Thanks for trying my tutorial!
I hope you are happy with your results!
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